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Freight Forwarding


PHX Logistics provides thoughtfufreight forwarding services to import/ export firms. Our staff are profound with knowledge of shipping line and can provide our clients with most thoughtful and reasonable solution.

According to customers requirement on timely arrival and delivery, select the appropriate route considering the economical factors.

Order and fix the pallet and wooden cases.

Choose the reliable and efficient carrier; conclude the contract.

Measure the weight, volume, and quantity; assemble, encase, and transport the cargo by vehicle.

Propose the insurance scheme according to customer needs and the properties of their own; deputize for the customized insurance.

Provide the temporary storage before loading and delivering the goods to destination.

Prepare necessary and accurate documents for declaration and clearance of the Customs.

Pay the transportation expenses and custom duties on behalf of the consignor and importers.

Timely get bill of lading/ air waybill from carrier and submit to consigner.

Track the goods transportation, and inform the receiver and consigner before arriving at port.

Provide warehousing and distribution scheme for customers by utilizing the available channels inside and outside the country.

We have many experienced personnel and share the close cooperative relationship with a number of airline and shipping companies that possess the powerful agency network in Europe, North America, Australia, West Asia, and other major cities, ensuring the smooth operation segment and endeavoring to meet the many needs of customers. The conveyance vehicles consist of air transport, ocean shipping, land carriage, railway service, and express delivery.

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