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How to deal with your excess baggage while moving overseas

ship excess baggage overseas
Before moving overseas, you’d better be clear in mind on whether you have excess baggage, because it can be charged by the airlines when you check-in at the airport, and it’s sometimes costly and time-consuming. If you are not sure about the number and weight of the baggage to take, it should be a good idea to check with the airlines for specific allowance in advance. Otherwise it can bring you a massive disaster when you get the airport alone with limited time to get on board.

Since the rate and policy vary from companies and updated occasionally, it is really hard to compose an accurate chart to list all the details. To call the airlines is the best way for confirmation.

Please be aware that your excess baggage will be carried subject to space availability on your flight and fees are therefore collected at the airport.
To avoid paying the full airport excess baggage rate prepaid extra bags allows you to purchase extra bags in addition to your free checked baggage allowance, for a lot less than what you'd pay at the airport.

As an alternative to paying excess baggage charges you may wish to consider finding a mover to ship the extra baggage before your departure. You can leave articles not in urgent need e.g. books, out-of-season clothes to a professional mover like PHX Logistics.

Well trained crew knows well in Customs regulation and air freight shipping. Safety and economy will also be considered during packing. Your baggage can be delivered by courier directly to your home, or you can pick it up at the airport by yourself if you are familiar with the local circumstance and most importantly to save the cost if the baggage is fairly big and weighty.