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Moving overseas is particularly stressful for families and individuals. PHX Logistics knows the importance of a hassle-free moving to the customers. We insure smooth moving and attentive service from the following aspects,

1. Survey and Preparation.A good move planning is a half success to an efficient and hassle-free move. It's always advisable to book a free pre-move survey from us 1 week ahead of actual moving (picking up) take place.

2. Listen to your requirement and concerns.Not all the delivery can be made in the same way. Your instructions are important to us.

3. Customizing removal Schedule.Judging from survey result and your specific requests, in terms with intensity, path condition, timely delivery, economically, etc., we set the moving schedule elaborately.

4. Well-trained supervisor and packing team working effectively and courteously.

5. One consultant is liable for the whole process of moving to avoid unnecessary miscommunications.

6. We designate our destination services to reliable and professional movers around the world to ensure a smooth follow up and to-door delivery, and all of them are also members of International Association of Movers.

7. We take each consignment seriously, and we study from our overseas counterparts in advance for aspects e.g. the local Customs regulation, delivery access, traffic etc. to avoid unexpected interruption and cost.


Means of Transportation

FCL & LCL Seaway Shipping

In case you are moving from China for working, resettlement, or any long-term trip, you may have a lot of unaccompanied luggage, furniture, and household goods etc. It’s by no means in urgent need but essential for living, Seaway transportation by either F.C.L (full container load) or L.C.L (less than container load) could be your choice. Besides, door to door and door to container yard are optional solutions for remote area delivery or multi-modal transport.

Normal air cargo and courier service

Normal air cargo and courier service is practical for daily used items transfer, which enables cheaper and instant delivery. In case you are moving from China for vacation, business affairs, or any short-term journey, you might not have much unaccompanied luggage but items in urgent need, for instance, clothes, kitchenware, documentation can be delivered to you by air cargo or courier instantly and cost-effectively. Air cargo and courier service could be a good choice for shipping personal effects for Returning overseas students and employees. We have lots of experience in clearing difficult shipments.

Railway to Russia, Mongolian, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

We have well established system for railway transportation to Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Combination of road, railway and seaway transportation from Beijing, Erlianhaote, Alashangkou and Manzhouli is never like that difficult under our most thoughtful solution and gentle care.