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Office Relocation

PHX Logistics riches in experience in corporate and office relocations, has achieved a great deal of successfull cases for various industries, e.g. factory, IT corporation, school, bank, hospital etc. We have been providing moving services for giant international companies, and in reforming the office layout. Comprehensive moving proposal will be made after meticulous investigation, so as to ensure a quick and order move and to minimize the impact to the staff.

Here are the points that we follow in corporation and office relocation program:

1. We carefully investigated factors e.g. scale of moving, travel route, and moving path before the removal take place. A detailed relocation proposal is to be made to illustrate expected moving time and procedures, and we will go strictly with it during the move.

2. By adopting effective method and principles, we can allocate public and personal articles to specified place quickly and accurately after arrival according to the customer’s division of the new site.

3. Professional packing team and on-site supervisor work interactively to give necessary protection to individual package and facilities to prevent the effects from damaging and losing.

4. We have professional team that can dismantle and reassemble quickly and accurately according to the layout plan of the new site for office furniture e.g. work unit, boss desk,reception desk,filing cabinet etc.

5. Normal cargo elevator or labor carrying may not be efficient when we move items in magnificent volume and weight. We adopt indoor/ outdoor lifter, crane, and other handling equipment to promote the efficiency and prevent accidents.

6. After the pre-move survey and consultation, a formal quotation can be submitted to you in 24 hours, in which each article of charges will be reflected without any hidden fees.