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Dear Peter:

This note is written to thank you for your excellent service in helping us moving from Beijing to Rockville, Maryland last May. With all the shipment delivered on time and scatheless, my wife and I have moved comfortably into our new home. Please feel free to call upon us. We shall be happy to be your reference in the future. If you still have the invoice for the shippment, please send a copy of the invoice to me by e-mail. We can use it for our 2010 Tax Return. 

Thank you!

Best wishes, Hwang

June 16, 2011

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the follow up! I’m doing fine, how about you? Still busy?

I’m so glad to choose your company’s service, the Customs cleared without any extra taxes, delivery went smoothly as well, thank you very much!

Thank you for your payment of the extra assembly, but you really don’t have to do it, I have already got lots of help from you and I really appreciate it. I’m sure will reach out you for the other delivery service in the future!

There are some damages of my furniture and hardwood floor during the assembly, I will deal with John regarding that, no worries.

Keep in touch!





Just to let you know that we collected the air freight from Birmingham yesterday. No problems, the British customs had opened and then sealed three boxes, but didn’t ask any questions.

Van hire, fuel and clearance charges came to almost GBP 110 or about CNY 1200, a big saving for us. The real bonus was that we could also use the van to bring some furniture from IKEA near the airport (Coventry) – we would have had to hire a van for this anyway so in fact the saving was even bigger – it cost us just the clearance charge (CNY 400).

Rob Dickinson Sep. 29, 2010






Dear Peter:

Thanks for your email. I am so sorry we have not got back to you earlier, we kept talking about it but never got chance to do it. Sorry about that!

The container got here on time, it was all in good conditions. Since then we have been quite busy sorting out the goods and shopping for our new home. Your partner here did the delivery and unpacking the furniture boxes, left boxes with clothing, books and personal items unpacked, which is ok with us. So, everything went well.

The trip was ok too, especially with the dogs, they were in the cage for over 20 hours, they arrived in good spirits and all the cages were clean. They are amazing.

I am sending you the link where you can view photos of our new home, you will see some of the furnitures settled here quite well

Peter, we would like to thank you very much for everything you did for our smooth transition, we really appreciate it and also happy how it turned out. We have recommended your service to our other friends. If you have chance to come to America, please let us know, we would be happy to welcome you in our home.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for your mail, and Just got everything yesterday, the ship was a little bit delay,

and the goods and car are fine, but anyway now we are happy.

Thanks again,

Keep in touch,




Hi Peter,

FYI, I've just picked up my cargo from SFO. The total I had to pay at

the pick-up place was $85 ($35 for handling and $50 for storage).

Thank you again for your very professional service!

- Tim


Dear Peter,

I’d say you did excellent moving of my things to Manila.

All 12 boxes were released from customs and delivered to my apartment last Friday.

I unpacked the boxes during the weekend and found all the things even the glassware are in good order.

Thank you very much for your good moving services.

I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues in our Beijing office.


July 7, 2014


A very Happy New Year to you all. Everything has been delivered to my house in England without any issues.

The truck and crew arrived on time in the morning and did excellent job. I could not imagine they moved,

unpacked, and set up that lots of furniture in just one day. I'd say it's my most pleasant experience of

international removals, and I‘m very satisfied.

Many thanks and nice dealing with you Peter!


Feb. 26, 2015