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Global Procurement


PHX Logistics specialised in product sourcing and aims to help Chinese suppliers integrate into global market in fields such as purchase strategy consultation, supplier search and evaluation, goods quality control, order management, and supplier capability promotion advisory service.

As for purchasers, we choose the products suitable to buy in China by analyzing its property and supply market condition, and find out the international or local rules that the goods must comply with; then we seek the suitable supplier, make the investigation and comprehensive assessment, and provide assist and support in technical specification discussions. After placing the order, we send inspectors to ensure the product quality by supervising the manufacture procedure untill the shipment departs.

As for supplier, we make thorough survey to aid them identify the key disparity based on our extensive experience of international procurement project and close relationship with many domestic manufacturing enterprises, and therefore we pertinently bring forward the improvement program, design the implementation plan, supervise the performance, and make regular evaluation. The specific content refers to product standard analysis, process flow transform, technical consultation including welding and nondestructive examination, personnel appraisal, international procurement procedure introduction and bidding guidance, sales team building, channel construction, cost optimization, and strategic instruction, etc.



Professional and comprehensive service

Active participation in overseas procurement projects

Close cooperation with many excellent domestic manufacturing enterprises.

Competent technical team with industry experts in various fields

Proficient in a variety of product standards and regulations

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