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Find a mover to ship big furniture overseas or buy new?

Whether or not to ship all your furniture on an international move is always torturing. Except comparing with the cost to buy new, you may have further considerations that can be just as important.

Send overseas or buy new?

People should have clear idea on the following issues before making decision,

- What will the door to door moving cost?

- Compare with the cost to store your furniture into mover's warehouse if you plan to return.

- Does the furniture fit in the layout of your new home overseas?

- How valuable to you is your existing furniture?

- Time and number of brain cells to be killed to buy new ones.

All of these points need to be considered carefully before you inquiry for a quote from movers.

As a customer-oriented international moving specialist, we can provide you full-scale services under best solution by sorting out your specific requirement, time planning and budget.