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How to work with movers for a moving estimate/ survey

Moving estimate/ survey as we know is widely adopted by movers in calculating cost of packing material, labor and vehicle etc. It is considered the most important reference when composing a quotation. Except estimating volume/ weight of stuff to be moved, other factors e.g. moving path, heavy/ bulk items handling, abnormal furniture dismantle/ reassembly should also be considered while doing the estimate. To avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation, it is also necessary for individual clients to have a good preparation and cooperation with movers on the stage of moving estimate/ survey.

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Being in the industry for 10 years, staff from PHX Logistics are all well trained and rich in experience in various expects of moving service. As a senior customer consultant, I would like to share a few tips to the homeowners in hope to help them to find a professional moving company and so as to enjoy a smooth and pleasant moving experience.

1. Try to set at least 1 hour for the moving estimation, and make appointment with mover at least 1 day in advance.
Many people from the industry suggest having 3 moving companies to come for the estimate/ survey, while in my view, it’s not necessary to stereotyped it in any way. Remember the principle: no matter how many movers you are choosing from, they should represent different level of companies, by which to present the service quality you may need from them, on the other hand, the affordable ideal price. In order to achieve enough information, you’d better to locate movers from different sources.
An estimate normally takes about an hour. Moving is a big event, and taking this time out of your normal schedule to interview movers is time well spent. Getting them done on the same day keeps all discussions fresh in your mind. Use the time between appointments to make notes.

2. If possible, having a family discussion before calling the movers.
Concerning the importance of a moving estimate/ survey, you’d better have all the main family members being noted regards on the issues e.g. packing and moving date, things to be moved or took by their own, and other relevant consequence the move may result in. Pre-alert or acknowledge is sometimes necessary to avoid misunderstanding, unpleasant, or even dispute. You can discuss with the family members for the time of the moving estimate/ survey and try to have them all available when the mover comes, especially in case you are not able to make the decision on some of the details.

3. Be clear and consistent during the walk through.
Be clear in mind on what to move or leave is fairly important during the walk through with the movers. It saves time for both parties and delivers your meaning clearly. You can note down your concerns on whether to take uncertain items, and have the mover to give you suggestions.
Do not ask mover for unrelated questions during the walk through because it may break the continuity and the answer may not be full and accurate. But you can prepare questions on notebook or paper previously and discuss with movers after the estimation/ survey or just when they come in.
Please avoid the word “going” when showing us the items to be moved. This term can mean going away (not being moved), or going to the new house (to be moved). It’s actually pretty common for a client to use this word through the survey and mean both! Consider “taking” and “leaving”, or simply “yes” and “no”.
Some movers may be delighted to provide a copy of the estimation paper, and you can ask them on means of calculation and confirm the accuracy before they leave.

4. Ask specific questions but not too general.
Questions are usually set for purpose of knowing the capability of the company, honesty of the person, proficiency of their operational procedure. For instance, when was your company founded? Have you ever moved to Africa? What document do you need from me? How long will the shipment take? How do you pack the piano? Do I have to pay other charges when the goods arrive? However general questions are not easy to answer and you are seldom expected to get the point. For example: Are you a good mover? This question can be answered from various aspects e.g. price, service quality, reputation and so on. Another word, it’s a big topic, and you can get the answer by comparison afterwards.

5. Discuss your anticipated dates for packing, loading and unloading.
A good planning is always helpful for both sides, try to appoint the estimation/ survey as earlier as possible if you have other issue or uncertainty to sort out. For example, furniture to buy, house to sale or to buy at the target country or place, pets to take etc. All these issues take time even a few months to deal with, thus setting time schedule is critical especially for international sea shipment.

6. Attentions you need to take.
Professional and reliable movers can always find problem and remind you in advance, and that should be another important purpose for proposing a estimate/ survey beforehand. Problems may exist on your documentation, Customs regulation/ restriction for bilateral countries, quarantine requirement etc. You can trust movers who can identify question at the first time and provide you with the most proper solution in accordance with your condition or circumstance.

Hope the above points can help you to behave well in a moving estimate and so as to find a professional and reliable moving company. PHX Logistics will always be your sincere and trustworthy friend. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance in making a moving plan no matter you are moving overseas or just across a street.

Privacy Announcement: The above article is written by Peter Lee, GM of PHX Logistics. Anybody without permission should not copy, download and make use of other ads material in any means. PHX Logistics keep the rights to fight for any plagiarism and pirate activity.
Oct. 25, 2016

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