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Shipping personal effects to Taiwan

Definition of dangerous goods and personal effects - Beijing airport defines the following goods as “dangerous goods”: corrosive products, flammable products, pressurized can, explosives, batteries, liquid, powder and objects with strong magnetic force (i.e. stereo system). As such items can not be loaded on board unless a notification from is issued by the authority of DGM (a member of the International Dangerous Goods Management Support Group). We have to set at least 2 working days on that and the cost is prepaid by us and can be billed back to the customer in the price of the original invoice issued by DGM.The following articles are restricted by both inbound and outbound Customs, construction material, liquor, tobacco, drug/medicine, pirate movie disk etc.
Air cargo is practical for regular-sized cartons or bags, which are heavy enough for per package (exceed or just equal to volumetric weight, formula: volume of the outside packing in cubic centimeter/5000). Air freight is based on chargeable weight. Volumetric weight will be adopted as chargeable weight if it is greater than actual weight.
For normal air cargo door to air port delivery, passport and air ticket is needed for one day for airport Customs declaration 2 working days before the goods loaded on board.
For Courier/ air express door to door delivery, passport copy of consignee is required for inbound Customs declaration. For ocean shipping, original passport and employment permit in valid period, copy of immigration paper, and signed packing list is needed. A receipt will be presented to you on receiving the document noting the due for return.
Special Notice for Taiwan Customs regulation on air shipment:

  • Tariff exemption – Passengers can be given exemption on tariff, if the value of the shipment is declared under 20000 NTD. The declaration must be done when the consignee land on the airport, and the shipment must arrive in Taiwan in 6 month after the declaration.
  • Documentation – Document requested by the Customs for air shipment declaration is, photocopy of passport (photo page), photocopy of Taiwan ID card (front and back), Power of attorney (to be send by DHL and need to be signed and given the information e.g. personal data, flight number, date of landing, name of airport etc.)
  • Tariff and Tax – 5% Tariff and 5% Tax is applicable if the invoiced value is greater than 20000 NTD. Or higher rate can be adopted if the imported goods is new and declared as much lower than it’s actual market value.
Prohibited articles – Except apparently dangerous goods listed above, prohibited articels concerns as fresh food, live plant, seeds, prescription drugs, medical equipment e.g.

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