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Can I add CD's and DVD's to my moving shipment either by air or sea?

PHX Logistics got a moving shipment from Beijing to a European country last week, which contents hundreds of music CD's and DVD movies. As we know, CD's and DVD's is restricted by Chinese Customs, but is the regulation applicable to any type of shipment? Is there any exception on minor quantity?

With these questions, we consulted related department, and get the following clarification,

A. From Airport Customs
 Restriction is applicable to any cargo with audio-visual product in any quantity. All the air shipment with these contents have to be examed. However shipper can provide a signed letter of guarantee to low down the possibility if the quantity is small or it's declared as company-used healthy material without any violent, crime, pornographic, or anti-communisim contents.
 Concerning the risk to be destroyed, fine or even accused, no courier/ express company can accept moving shipment with the articles.

B. From Seaport Customs
Exportation of CD's and DVD's is also regulated. Any moving shipment by sea, no matter it's a FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load), can be selected for exam manually. Customs also requests a signed personal letter of guarrantee indicating the contents and usage so as to judge if it's to be examed.

Concerning the above situation, we successfully send the cargo out by reducing the quantity, and on the other hand, presenting the signed the guarantee letter to the Customs.

For any question or concern on shipping out your chrished CD's and DVD's with other personal effects, please contact PHX Logistics - international moving department. We will always be your sincere friend and to be the specialist on your moving shipment.