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Moving Tips

How to compare quotation from moving companies.

Different moving companies have their own way in calculating price, and cost for different types of moving vary as well. Some movers offer a rate based on result of pre-move survey/ estimation, some on per cubic meter or weight, and some on per full vehicle load etc. Thus it’s critical on making right judgment when examine the quotation from movers.
When comparing moving quote, there are some essentials that you should keep in mind - things that will help you decide which mover is right for your household move. You are expected to consider from the following points,

Did the moving company make a thorough estimation/ survey before they quote? Quotation from reliable moving companies is always accurate and comprehensive. While irresponsible mover would quote directly with lower price, but ask for other forms of hidden charge when the move taken place.

  1. On what basis the quotation is made? Take air freight for example, unit price is vary from different weight level. The difference can be enormous from levels. Thus don’t be cheated by malicious movers with no defined basis.
  2. Are there any different rules in calculating the price? You may don’t know that over-sized packages should also be paid for air cargo transportation. Don’t be fooled by deliberate scam.
  3. Is there validity defined by the quotation? Take sea freight for example, ocean freight fluctuate monthly caused by oil price and cargo quantity. The rate can be doubled or even tripled when entering peak season. Thus please don’t trust the rate quoted without term of validity.
  4. Does it specify the uncovered cost? Rate for surcharge in case of emergency should also be noted previously. For instance, abnormal delivery condition or traffic rules and so on.
  5. Is it full service rate? Articles of service contents must be listed in the quote. As we know price for cabbage is by no means the same as apple.
Hope the above themes can help you in finding a professional and reliable moving company. PHX Logistics will always be your sincere and trustworthy friend. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance in making a moving plan no matter you are moving overseas or just across a street.