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Moving Tips

Tips for Moving to Mexico

As we think that Mexican Customs regulation is unique and comparatively stricter than other nations, we would like to share the following tips to friends planning to move to Mexico.
Make phone call or send e-mail to your local Consolations and get the template of inventory, ask for appointment and take it to the embassy to get it chopped. If everything ok they can do it on the spot. The Consulates may request specific document from the consignee (receiver of the shipment) if you are doing the document on behalf of the consignee.
pornography, tanks of gas, money in cash, fire arms (even if they are toys or for collection), drugs, alcohol/wine, food, spices, medicine, cigar, NEW ITEMS (items with less than 6 months of USE), collection of knives or swords, dangerous & flammable products, safe boxes/suitcases/trucks if they are not opened, ammunitions, toiletry items if they are flamables, archeological pieces, taxidermal animal, ashes and sand.

  • Arrival of the shipment at port
  • Revalidation
  • Pre inspection from my broker (will open the boxes)
  • Customs clearance with inspection
  • Delivery
According to the above procedure, HHG shipment can be inspected 1-3 times. Thus please be carefully prepared before your seal the box and present the inventory to the consulate to stamp.
Don’t use the original boxes/packing/wrapping material if you would pack used items by yourself because the customs authority will consider them as new.
  • Beverages including but not limited to wine, beer, spirits, etc.
  • Food items including but not limited to spices, tinned products, canned goods, etc.
  • Medicine or drugs
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Detergents, soaps or similar objects
  • Collectable items such as pens, coins, etc.
  • Blank CDs, DVDs or tapes
  • Large quantities of similar objects because they could be considered items for sale in Mexico
  • Pornographic items
  • Cars, boats, and/or motorcycles (unless the client is a diplomat)
  • The original legalized inventory must be in Spanish, stamped by the Mexican Consulate in the country of origin and the owner of the goods must have lived abroad for a minimum of 6 months. Only required for Mexican citizens and permanent resident visa holders.
  • Letter to Customs, signed, and stating that items in the shipment are used.
  • The contact details of the owner of the goods must include destination address.
  • The list of electronic items must include serial number, model, and make.
  • Mexican Customs require a shipment to be imported within the first 6 months the visa was issued, after this time it will not be imported.
  • New items (less than 6 months) are not considered to be used and must be imported separately from the used household goods items.
  • New goods will be subject to taxes and duties at Customs.
  • The letter to Customs must specify new items with proof of purchase to pay the corresponding duties of 20% plus IVA 16%.
  • The letter of guarantee must state that the company is responsible for duties and taxes should the shipment not be re-exported when the employee leaves the country (temporary resident visa holders).
  • Antiques, artifacts, carpets and paintings may be imported in reasonable quantities and should be declared on the packing list.
  • Returning Mexican citizens and permanent resident visa holders must show proof of having lived abroad for a minimum of 6 months to import household goods and personal effects duty free.
  • All articles must be included in the Consularized Inventory by the Mexican Consulate. Any item not included in the inventory, can be expropriated by Mexican Government.
  • It is not recommended to ship the household goods until all documentation is completed and in order.
  • The airports allow only 30 days to release or return the shipment from the time of its arrival. All other ports hold the shipment until 60 calendar days. If the documentation is not presented by that time the shipment is declared as “abandoned” and it is confiscated by Mexican Government.