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Moving Tips

Freight Glossary

A/W All Water

ANER Asia NorthAmerica EastboundRate

B/L Bill of Lading

B/R Buying Rate

BAF Bunker AdjustmentFactor


C.C Collect

C.S.C Container Service Charge

C.Y. Container Yard

C/(CNEE) Consignee

C/O Certificate of Origin

CAF Currency Adjustment Factor

CFS Container Freight Station


CHB Customs House Broker


CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To

COMM Commodity

CPT Carriage Paid To

CTNR Container


D/A Document Against Acceptance

D/O Delivery Order

D/P Document Against Payment

DAF Delivered At Frontier

DDC Destination Delivery Charge

DDP Delivered Duty Paid

DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid

DEQ Delivered Ex Quay

DES Delivered Ex Ship

Doc# Document Number

EPS Equipment Position Surcharges

ETD Estimated Time of Departure

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

Ex Work/ExFactory

F/F Freight Forwarder

FAF Fuel AdjustmentFactor

FAK Freight All Kind

FAS Free Alongside Ship

FCA Free Carrier

FCL Full Container Load

Feeder Vessel/Lighter

FEU Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit 40’

FMC Federal Maritime Commission

FOB Free On Board

GRI General RateIncrease

H/C Handling Charge

HBL House B/L

I/S Inside Sales

IA Independent Action

L/C Letter of Credit

Land Bridge

LCL Less Than Container Load

M/T Measurement Ton

MB/L Master Bill Of Loading

MLB Minni Land Bridge

Mother Vessel

MTD Multimodal Transport Document

N/F Notify

NVOCC Non Vessel OperatingCommon Carrier

O/F Ocean Freight

OBL Ocean (or original )B/L

OCP Overland Continental Point

OP Operation

ORC Origen Recevie Charges

P.P Prepaid

PCS Port Congestion Surcharge

POE Port Of Entry

POD Port Of Destination

POL Port Of Loading

PCS port congestion surcharge

PSS Peak Season Sucharges

S/(Shpr) Shipper

S/C Sales Contract

S/O Shipping Order

S/R Selling Rate

S/S Spread Sheet Spread Sheet

SC Service Contract

SSL Steam Ship Line

T.O.C Terminal Operations Option

T.R.C Terminal Receiving Charge

T/S Trans-Ship

T/T Transit Time

TEU Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit 20’

THC Terminal Handling Charges

TTL Total

TVC/ Time Volume Contract/ Rate

VOCC Vessel Operating Common Carrier

W/M Weight or Measurement ton

W/T Weight Ton

YAS Yard Surcharges