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Moving Tips

Moving by International Express/ Courier and Air Cargo

As we know, not many families have big pieces of furniture or items to ship when moving back to their country or to another nation. Daily-used items in small pieces could be the main contents. They can be organized into cartons in different size. Personal effects e.g. clothes, shoes, document are usually in urgent need but sometimes overweighted under policy of airline companies.

International express/ courier could be the most reasonable solution for international moving in terms of the above situation. It can also be the best way for shipping sample products, confidential documents, luxuries, important gifts etc. Besides, it can be considered if the place of delivery is far from any sea ports.

Comparing with international express/ courier, normal air cargo is a good choice if you are moving back to your hometown and have time and access to pick up the luggages at the air port by yourself. The procedure is quite easy by presenting documents to the airport Customs. More importantly, it's cost-effective if you are familiar with the local circumstance and have good bargainning skill to save vehicle renting and labor cost for picking up and delivery. Of course you can also use your family car/ van to carrier the boxes home on your own or under assistance of your friends or family members.

PHX Logistics, as a significant client of well-known International Courier Companies e.g. DHL, TNT, we book bulk shipping space monthly, so as to maintain good price on freight. More importantly, our profound knowledge on Customs regulation, dangerous/ prohibited article restriction and experience on professional packing are always complimented by our clients.

Are you worrying about your overweighted luggage? Are you dazing on shipping those lots of trivial things with no proper packing? Do you need cartons to sort out the items to be shipped beforehand? Do you have the knowledge on dangerous/ prohibited articles for air cargo transportation? Make phone call or send email to us. We would like to be your specialist of international moving by express/ courier or air cargo.